Playground Protocol.
The Creative Networking & Collaboration Initiative.

Playground Protocol provides a safe-haven for all creatives to network, collaborate, & earn a passive income in CREATE tokens for every collaboration. By participating, you can get paid for the act of creation itself, as opposed to the final product. With this creative environment, collaboration and growth are encouraged.

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About Us

Playground Protocol is a network Of Creators, For Creators.

We are the world’s first creative networking and collaboration tool that can be used to earn a new form of passive income that will help you build generational wealth and grow as a creator like never before. 

Utilize our creative platform to earn more for your work as a content creator, and join a family of like-minded individuals where we can all prosper and grow together as a community.


To remove industry gate-keepers from creative fields and promote a sustainable, level playing field for all creatives to succeed where collaboration and growth are incentivized and encouraged.


A creative industry that is free of business boundaries.


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

Best Use of App

Creatives of all industries can use the Playground Protocol App to seek out the perfect collaborators for their projects and earn CREATE tokens for each collaboration.


Users can request to collaborate with other users, & once the project is completed, each collaborator earns a reward in CREATE tokens for their participation.


In today’s age, most creatives collaborate on a daily basis for free or otherwise are paying for collaborations for their projects. Take what you already do, and earn a passive income from it. Everyone prospers & grows together.

Spending Your CREATE Tokens

There are many ways to utilize your earned CREATE tokens within our platform to further your growth as a creator.


CREATE Tokens can be spent within the Playground Protocol App for helpful creative services such as Creative Mentorship, Professional Reviews for your projects, and other creative services such as design, engineering, publishing, distribution, prototype planning, & more. CREATE Tokens can also be traded as a crypto-currency.

Playground Protocol NFT Marketplace

Maybe you have a talent for discovering rising stars. With Playground Protocol’s NFT Marketplace you can support upcoming creatives & their projects by purchasing NFT rights to their projects so that you can take part in their success. As a participating user, you can mint your own projects into NFTs & sell them to your greatest supporters.


Blockchain Support

Playground Protocol will be built atop XRPL for fast, efficient, and eco-friendly transactions.

Friendly UX/UI

Creatives in all fields can easily find other creatives based on detailed search parameters & orchestrate collaborations with other users in an efficient and fun way. The entire process of creation has been streamlined within our platform so that everyone can easily come together to create beautiful projects and earn CREATE Tokens for the simple act of creation itself.


Artists and Performers can smoothly issue their NFTs within our marketplace & customize the commercialization model with just a few clicks. No specific knowledge of technology is required.

Delayed Fees Options

Often times, generating your own NFT can require high transaction fees. Not anymore. Create your own NFTs out of your creative work but only pay for the one transaction fee of when your NFT is first sold on the Playground Marketplace.

playground DAO

Through the Playground Protocol Networking App, any content creator can orchestrate collaborations with other creatives to earn rewards in CREATE Tokens that can be traded as cryptocurrency and also spent within the app to grow as a creator.


Playground Protocol focuses on removing industry gate-keepers across creative fields and dissolving corporate boundaries that arise from these same business gate-keepers. We place the power back into the hands of the creator in order to promote collaboration on all levels across all fields.


In today’s age, most creators struggle with turning their ideas and creations into profits and growth. Playground protocol alleviates these pressures on creatives of all fields by allowing them to earn CREATE tokens by simply doing what they’re already doing, but within the Playground network.


Most Creators today pursue what they love out of pure passion and don’t properly earn what they deserve due to industry gatekeepers. Playground Protocol removes these business boundaries so all creatives can have a space to create & grow together freely.



30% Liquidity Pool (Locked 6 months)

40% DAO Treasury

5% Creators Incentive Program

15% Team

10% Investors & Partners

Got a Question?


Our Playground Protocol app is basically a networking app for creatives of all fields. It can be used to find collaborators for your projects and network with other creatives to grow.

CREATE Tokens are a cryptocurrency that can be traded across digital wallets, and also spent within our platform to grow as a creative. CREATE Tokens can be used on our platform for services such as engineering, design, production, publishing, distribution, and accessing special content designed to help you further your artistic career.

Anyone can easily use our app to create an account and start collaborating with other users. For each collaboration that you participate in within our network, you will earn a reward in CREATE Tokens that will be credited to your digital wallet. The process is super easy and streamlined so that all creatives can efficiently collaborate and complete projects together.

It’s very easy to get started. Simply download the Playground Protocol App on your mobile device. Create your account and get started by showcasing your creative content for other users to see. After that you can use our search engine to find specific creatives in whatever field you’re interested in. Find your potential collaborators and start earning!

Our network incentivizes and encourages our users to hold on to their CREATE Tokens to build long-term wealth and grow as a creator with a community. Our users can spend their CREATE Tokens within the app to receive creative services such as professional reviews, mentorship, engineering for a song, or maybe you just need a graphic design. The more CREATE Tokens that you hold in your account, the more rewards you will receive for collaborations, and you will gain access to special collaboration opportunities.

Each beginning user will receive 10 CREATE tokens for each completed collaboration orchestrated through the Playground Protocol Network. The more CREATE Tokens you hold in your account, the higher the reward. It works by a tiered system: the more CREATE Tokens you hold in your digital wallet for longterm, the more you will earn for each collaboration.

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